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Quid Promo Quo: 6 Months of Jiu Jitsu at Victory MMA


tl/dr (but please read the whole thing): We strongly endorse Victory MMA. Our daughter has experienced tremendous emotional, physical, and interpersonal growth there, and so have her classmates. Coach Adam Mazin’s children’s program is fun, challenging, and personalized. Victory MMA normalizes and rewards a high standard of conduct, discipline, and positive values. It is safe, professional, and an extreme financial bargain. Go there to accelerate your child’s development.

Note: Primary reasons for involving our then 4 year-old daughter in Jiu Jitsu were self-defense, physical fitness, and early exposure to a constructive lifelong activity. The ability to defend oneself and others is inherently valuable, physical fitness is obviously important, and she can pursue jiu jitsu everywhere life may take her.

Our daughter became aware of jiu jitsu through watching mixed martial arts and listening to podcasts with her parents. Reading Way of the Warrior Kid was the catalyst for her deciding to try it. Since there are innumerable options for jiu jitsu in San Diego we observed several schools in our area, including Victory. We opted for Victory because of the number and variety of children’s classes available (6 per week) and Coach Adam’s calm manner and personalized style of teaching. We also appreciated the professionalism Victory’s staff and ownership displays, that the gym was clean and well maintained, and the affordable cost ($99 per month).

And so she began jiu jitsu at Victory. On her first day she was nervous and stepped onto the mat with some trepidation. She joined the other students waiting on the line, totally unsure of what would happen. Coach Adam paused to welcome and make her feel comfortable. He made eye contact with her, smiled, and said “hello Miss Alana. Everybody, this is Alana. Say ‘hi’ to Alana.” Alana relaxed, smiled sheepishly, and joined the flow of the class. She emerged an hour later smiling from ear to ear and said “that was awesome.” She loves jiu jitsu more every week it seems, and insists on attending every class possible.

We are very proud that she is earning a place in a top-flight jiu jitsu academy through self-directed effort and grit. Being part of the Victory MMA community empowers her and provides a valuable, positive counterweight to anything else she might see or experience. Leadership skills and a natural willingness to lead are emerging, and she has begun embracing opportunities to overcome fear and tackle obstacles, such as difficult monkey bars or larger waves. And in a tussle of children, bet on her.

Our daughter aside (and we admit extreme bias), we have witnessed similar physical and emotional growth in all of the other students in her class that can regularly attend, totally bearing out what Victory MMA advertises. A rare thing.

Finally, a list of things we particularly like about Victory:

  • We think our daughter is safe there from sexual predation, and feel virtually everyone in the building could and would protect any child in danger.
  • No right to participation: children earn their place moment by moment through focus and hard work. Coaches calmly but firmly direct children “off the mat” when they fail to abide by the requisite standard of conduct or focus, and later bring those children back on the mat after explaining what they need to do differently and why.
  • High-level modeling due to mixed-age group classes: the younger children are fortunate to observe and model the technique, discipline, and work ethic of students 2-4 years older than them. Coach Adam’s older students are fine young people who demonstrate excellent leadership skills, and many of them participate in the younger student class to help the young ones develop. This is tantamount to public service, and testament to those children, their parents, Coach Adam, and Victory MMA.
  • Coach Adam intelligently mixes instruction, Socratic dialogue, and a variety of fun games and activities to teach martial arts and develop physical fitness.
  • Almost zero meathead or bimbo vibe. The gym culture is professional, hardworking, respectful, and focused. Children are expected to rise to that level, and they do.
  • Victory members and students are an interesting cross-section of the San Diego community. We have made multiple lasting friendships there.
  • It’s clean; staff are friendly, helpful, and professional.

Bottom line: Victory MMA walks the Jocko Podcast jiu jitsu talk 100%. Contact the #SecondVerseABC Song Book Project to hear more about our experience at Victory MMA.

Submitted quid promo quo, this promotion for that, which in this case is the enormous benefit our daughter has gained from Victory MMA. Thank You.