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#SecondVerseABC Project

Sing, Teach, Inspire

The #SecondVerseABC Project


What and Why

  • The #SecondVerseABC Project is an open source effort to spread "The Second Verse" as widely as the "ABCs" so every child learns it and every adult can teach it. In order for the song to consistently reach children in poor home learning environments "The Second Verse" must become part of popular culture.  
  • The vision is children learning the mechanics of reading (through "The Second Verse") alongside the alphabet (through the "ABCs") so they can turn the corner—sooner—from letters and sounds to reading and learning. Join in and help children learn to read and love learning by singing, teaching, and sharing "The Second Verse to the ABCs." 
  • You will create Social Good while branding yourself in a positive light. "The Second Verse" takes less than a minute, and is free in the Creative Commons (CC BY-SA): use it! 


How to Participate

  • Sing, teach, play, and stream the song to children—early and often—that's what matters most. 
  • Word of Mouth: tell people about “The Second Verse" song and #SecondVerseABC Project any way you can.  
  • Perform it live! Buskers, Beyonce, and everybody between: you can introduce untold numbers of children, teachers, and current and future parents to "The Second Verse to the ABCs."
  • Record "The Second Verse": put it on major music and streaming platforms so it's easy for children, families, caretakers, and teachers to access. 
  • Create awesome educational content with "The Second Verse to the ABCs": produce a video, make a lesson plan, remix, adapt, and transform it! 
  • Share your work via #SecondVerseABC! And alongside, show children why reading and learning are useful and awesome by sharing something, anything, you are achieving, becoming, or discovering through reading and learning. Inspire a child today! 


Who Participates

  • Me. You. And everyone else that can spare a minute to help accelerate early childhood literacy. 
  • Calling all known and aspiring influencers, musicians, recording artists, podcasters, media producers, marketers, artists, buskers, teams, entrepreneurs, companies, communities, clubs, societies, leagues, scouts, unions, associations, cooperatives, fraternities, sororities, and more.


Project Direction

  • Translate the song and book into as many languages as possible: reading matters everywhere. 
  • Publish alternative versions of the book illustrating diverse families, communities, nationalities, and learning environments: it's critical that children see themselves in foundational educational material, including The Second Verse to the ABCs. 
  • Kickstarters and fundraisers using the book(s) and project gear for education-related causes. Let's get creative, solve problems, and meet needs! Got an idea? Contact The Project. 
  • #SecondVerseABC supports all forms of learning. Not every child learns best by reading and we should encourage all positive forms of learning. I appreciate all constructive ideas and welcome collaboration. Thank you!

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