Reading as the Power of Anything


Reading is the

Power of Anything

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We love this book because it teaches and inspires children to start reading at a young age and make a difference. This is the beginning of a life of liberated freedom, knowledge, information, and most importantly good judgement and the discernment called wisdom.
— Mark Victor Hansen, Co-Creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul
Socratic dialogue helps children develop cognitive, verbal, and interpersonal skills, and become powerful, self-aware thinkers...Sing, read, and discuss!
— Michael Strong, Author and Edupreneur

About the Book

  • A heartwarming story with an inspirational message doubling as a reading primer. Uses loving, child-led Socratic dialogue to teach and inspire reading. Features captivating black and white illustrations to spark the imagination, and presents the lyrics and chords of "The Second Verse to the ABCs" for all to use. The Second Verse to the ABCs is an engaging read-sing-aloud learning activity for families, schools, libraries, and more. 

  • A young child, referred to as "Dear One," leads her father in earnest discussion about reading and learning: "What is reading?" "Why do you read?" "Can I learn to read?" "Why do you so value me learning to read?" "How do I read?" "Can you help me remember how to read?" And more. Daddy answers in loving, substantive prose simplifying and explaining the mechanics of reading and characterizing reading as vital human technology: the power to achieve, become, and discover anything. 

  • Reading this book to your Dear Ones can teach and inspire them to read and love learning. Get it, gift it, teach it, and help children "Onward to Anything"! 

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