Reading as the Power of Anything


a Song Book Project

to accelerate literacy


The reading gap is a disgrace. What to do?

  • More than 60% of children, and 80% of low-income children, in the USA are below proficient in reading at fourth grade.

  • Data says these children are highly likely to achieve undesirable educational and life outcomes.

  • The reading gap is a major source of inequality and we must end it.

Singing "The Second Verse to the ABCs" is the most you can do in one minute to teach a child to read.

  • "The Second Verse" helps children understand and remember how to read, just like the “ABCs” helps us remember the letters. Singing it to young children provides important unconscious learning, as early as the womb.

  • Knowing it helps children of all ages conceptualize and appreciate reading and writing. It's a free, easy, and impactful tool for in-home, at-school, and community learning settings.

  • For maximum effect sing "The Second Verse" to children early and often.


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